The Catastrophic Collapse of Independent Media in Crimea: The Last Two Years and the Road Ahead

The developments in today’s “Information Age” continue to raise scores of important questions. Is free media a human right? How does the media function in a closed society, where propaganda is more readily available than trustworthy information? How does the information leak out from these societies to the rest of the world, so that the international audience can stay informed about the changing situation and the new obstacles on the ground? Is it perhaps easier for many of us to turn a blind eye to such problems?

The occupied Crimea has become an example of such a closed, repressive society, where independent journalists and media are unwelcome. The occupying powers limit their voices and violate their rights.

Please join VOLYA Institute for Contemporary Law and SocietyRazom for Ukraine, and Freedom House next Thursday, March 17th at 7 PM to discuss the crushing reality and uncertain future of media and journalism in occupied Crimea.



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