Crisis in Ukraine: Its Legal Dimensions

The Crisis in Ukraine - Its Legal DimensionsIn 2014, a team of international lawyers, under the helm of our President, Ivanna Bilych (who at the time served as Legal Counsel of Razom, Inc.), prepared a Report entitled “Crisis in Ukraine: Its Legal Dimensions.”

The report outlines legal analysis on the situation in Eastern Ukraine at the time; the annexation of Crimea; the Budapest Memorandum on international security guarantees; and the human rights and humanitarian law at issue. Specifically, it covers the right of secession; crimes of aggression; critical energy security issues; sanctions imposed to date; and military law; as well as provides some practical recommendations.

The Report was developed for Razom Inc., a US non-profit dedicated to building a prosperous Ukraine, and is published here with their permission.

“Crisis in Ukraine: Its Legal Dimensions” is available for download below:

  Download Report (print version)

In addition, it has been translated into Ukrainian language, and is available for download below:

  Download Report (in Ukrainian)